22 June 2010

busy week

I was hoping to post something a bit sooner than now and also have some pictures of baby room progress but of course I am not that good. We had a great father's day hanging with my dad at his house and for his gift I made a coconut cream pie, which he didn't share any but he said it was the best he has ever had! This week I am going to finish painting the crib and great ready for our trip to Alabama next weekend. We are excited to see all of our great friends and of course our family there. Got to love baby showers!

14 June 2010

What's going on

So these past couple of days have been super busy. On Saturday I started priming the dresser that will go in the babys room and also took apart the crib that will also be primed and painted the same color as the dresser, I'm thinking a grey color. On Sunday my husband and I headed to New Braunfels, Texas to visit his aunt and uncle and cousins that live in Mexico. We had a really great time and I am hoping to plan a weekend trip to that area before the baby arrives for a little getaway. Pictures will come when the dresser and crib are finished ( hopefully tomorrow)!

09 June 2010

Mr. Clancy

For my third and final post for today ( hopefully it won't be like this all the time) I want to share a little piggy that I want to make for my little man. That's right, we are having a boy who we are naming Ridge. My very creative husband come up with his name right before going to sleep one night. It comes from my name, Brigette and I feel pretty special that our first little one is going to carry on the great name of Brigette in the awesome form of Ridge.

So lets give it up for Mr. Clancy who was created by Heather Bailey, a great textile designer. My sewing skills are probably not on this level but I am going to give it a shot. Whenever I finish my Mr. Clancy I will post a few pics.


I am trying to figure out this little thing I like to call type on this stinking thing... there might be alot of test runs so sorry for all the post!

Getting Started!

Here I am in the blog world... wow! Some friends have asked me to get this going for a bit so it will be easier to keep up with things in my life. I will hopefully figure out how to change all the generic things about the overall aesthetic of the my new blog because lets face it.... it needs a face lift!