02 September 2010

Ridge's little place to call home

Many people have been asking for me to send pictures of Ridge's room (Ali in particular). Since we are in the home stretch now, I am full term tomorrow ( 37 weeks), I am happy to share. It is still a work in progress I am sad to say but hey, I guess I am not the over achieving type these days.

When you walk in the door this is the first wall you see. I did a collage of some pretty random images that I found. The orange and brown stripe paper is wrapping paper that I bought at IKEA, the image below is an old copy of Samford Hall from Auburn University, The fish and peacock feather came from Paper Source, and last but not least the yellow poster came from etsy. The dresser/changing table is a freebie from my hubbies family and I painted it grey and changed the hardware. The antique rocking chair is also a freebie from my hubbies parents, it is the same chair that was in the hub's nursery. The oh so soft blanket is a gift from my mom along with the teddy bear (that was mine when I was little). My sister gave us the blue hippo, that was also apart of the centerpiece she made for my baby shower in Houston. The large painting behind it is from Africa. I gift from the in-laws that I absolutely love.

Moving to the left we see the window with and awesome roman shade that my mom in-law made with the fabric that she also made the crib bumper and bedskirt from. The hubs and I made the very simple valance with fabric that also matches the rest of the bedding. The table is from an antique store from Houston and I wish you could see the little piggy bank that lives ontop of the books, the hubs made it for me when we were dating. You also get a little sneak peak of the rug that I got at Macy's, its Martha Stewart, I just love her!

Still moving to the left we see the crib and some bare walls, another picture to come with that... Anyways, the crib was an awesome gift from the former homeowners of our house. When we were looking at the house we bought, we saw it in the attic and negotiated it in the contract. Score! I painted it the same grey as the dresser and let me tell you, I am never painting that crib again... it was some hard work with the spindles!

Last but not least, the last wall ( well almost) and a dilemma! I am working on 2 paintings to go over his crib but lets just say I am not getting along with some oil pastels these days and I am back to the drawing board. If anyone has ideas on how to best fill the space let me know! I am always open to some great ideas.

Finally for real this time, the last wall is occupied with the closet door and a small space for possibly another little table to go. The room is a small one but that's ok because we are having a little man to occupy it! Until next time...