07 August 2010

Just a good ole shrimp boil!

Last Tuesday I got a little adventurous in the kitchen. My husband loves him some shrimp and in Alabama the usual seafood boil summer activity is shrimp, for me its crawfish. We live very close to Kemah which happens to be right on the bay. That means fresh seafood is very easy to come by. With that said, my family who are great cooks and happen to love seafood, always want me to pick some up for them from a great local wholesale fish market ( Rose's Seafood). I am always happy to do it but I decided that I should get something out of the deal... whatever they decide to purchase, which is usually shrimp, I get a pound on them!

With that said, we had our selves a good ole shrimp boil at our house. The kitchen was definitely stinky ( that's why boils are usually an outside activity) and when I opened the lid to check the progress I would start coughing because of all the spices.

In the pot we had a lemon, red potatoes, jalapeno sausage from a deer my uncle shoot ( the best ever!), corn, and shrimp. I was trying to find the Louisiana brand shrimp boil but they didn't have it at my grocery so I got Zatarains ( was kind of disappointed). I added Tony C's along with some black pepper to try to get the spice right. I thought I had some cayenne on hand but I think I used it all when I tried to make tortilla soup (it's more than a long story and I will try to share it with you later). All in all it turned out ok, the spice factor was not that great but I didn't overcook the shrimp which was my main concern.

1. The pot of goodness
2. The spread before we ate